Claudio Tolcachir

La Omisión de la familia Coleman

Archive 2010

La Omisión de la familia Coleman
Text and Direction, Claudio Tolcachir
Assistant, Macarena Trigo
Light, Omar Possemato
Technic, Maxime Seugé
Translation, Leticia Scavino
With Araceli Dvoskin, Miriam Odorico, Inda Lavalle, Lautaro Perotti, Tamara Kiper, Diego Faturos, Gonzalo Ruiz, Jorge Castaño
Production Manager, Maxime Seugé and Jonathan Zak
Promotion in France, Linea Directa / Ligne Directe - Judith Martin
Associated Production in France Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse
Production Timbre 4, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Corealisation Théâtre du Rond-Point ; Festival d’Automne à Paris
With the support of ONDA
Le Cas de la famille Coleman, is translated by Ana Karina Lombardi, edited by Voix navigables ( oct. 2010)
Premiere August 2005 in Buenos Aires

An Argentinean playwright and director, Claudio Tolcachir founded Timbre 4 – at once a theatre, a school, a company and a collective workshop. This new creation is set in the enclosed circle of a family. As each family member tries to find his or her place, violence replaces speech, eventually questioning our role as spectators.

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