Frédéric Pattar / Pierluigi Billone / Helmut Lachenmann

Délie ! pour violon, iv 1, Mani. Matta, Got Lost

Archive 2010

Frédéric Pattar
Délie ! for violin
Pierluigi Billone
Mani.Matta for  percussion
Helmut Lachenmann
Wiegenmusik, pour piano*
Guero, pour piano*
Helmut Lachenmann
Got Lost
for voices and piano

Saori Furukawa, violin
Yukiko Sugawara, piano
Elizabeth Keusch, soprano
Christian Dierstein, percussion
Helmut Lachenmann, piano*


Corealisation Bouffes du Nord ; Festival d’Automne à Paris
With the support of Ernst von Siemens for the Music
This Concert is recorded by France Musique, retransmission, January 17, 20h

Frédéric Pattar explores contrasts, poetry in paradox, between noise and note, calm and agitation. Pierluigi Billone has the musician exploring the sense of touch which, in the work by Mark Andre, becomes an inner quest, as existential music comes alive with metaphysical tension. Got Lost for voice and piano sees Lachenmann displaying an ironic touch, weaving between three languages and a range of vocal effects.