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Olga Neuwirth

Kloing ! / Hommage à Klaus Nomi-A Songplay in Nine Fits


    • Opéra National de Paris Garnier
      October 24

    Olga Neuwirth composed Kloing! for automated piano playing, among other repertoire, seismographic data (from the Grotta gigante in Trieste) while also being played by – or competing against – the pianist. Simultaneously pictures are screened, showing famous pianists, the seismic observation station in Trieste and a 1905 Welte-Mignon piano. Hommage à Klaus Nomi-A Songplay in Nine Fits pays tribute to an icon of popular culture, Klaus Nomi.

    Olga Neuwirth
    Kloing ! computer-programmed piano with live video

    Hommage à Klaus Nomi-A Songplay in Nine Fits,
    for countertenor and ensemble with live video

    Marino Formenti, piano
    Andrew Watts, countertenor
    Lillevan, creation live images and video
    Ensemble Musikfabrik
    Peter Plessas – IEM Graz, Sound design and programming (Kloing!)
    Paul Jeukendrup, Sound design (Tribute to Klaus Nomi)

    Gerry Cornelius, direction

    Coproduction Opéra national de Paris ; Festival d’Automne à Paris
    With the support of the Austrian cultural
    With the support of the Musical Patronage of Société Générale
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