Collectif In Vitro
Julie Deliquet Des années 70 à nos jours…


Triptych: La Noce de Bertolt Brecht / Derniers remords avant l’oubli by Jean-Luc Lagarce /Nous sommes seuls maintenant, collective creation
Three decades and three shows unfurl around the dining-room table, during a protracted, rocambolesque dinner. The first piece, La Noce by Bertolt Brecht, conjures up the marriage of Jacob and Maria, transposed to the 1970’s. The second, Dernier remords avant l’oubli by Jean-Luc Lagarce is rooted in the late 1980’s, and sees the coming together of old acquaintances Hélène, Paul and Pierre prior to the sale of the house they bought together 1968. A third piece was born from the sum total of these “baby boom” characters, from the desire to see them age, and imagine to what extent their dreams figure in the eyes of their children. Devised collectively and improvised every evening, Nous sommes seuls maintenant is set in a house in Deux Sèvres in the 1990’s, and sees Bulle, 20 years old, observing her older siblings, former youngsters, of the eternally-young variety, settling bills and old scores.  This fresco-like chorus work resembles a saga of the generations, played out amidst a sea of wine bottles and dispelled utopias. Des années 70 à nos jours reenacts the birth of In Vitro, a young artists’ collective, eager to bring the joy of the actor back to the forefront. In any case, for Julie Deliquet, the director at the head of this group, founded in 2009, these are the rules of the game : every night different situations are improvised on an almost bare stage, void of wings. The actors are kept on their toes - alert and alive - and are able to summon up the energy of the rehearsals. The result is theatre which constantly reinvents itself, before our eyes, along with the inevitable flops and sudden, magical, urges.