Angélica Liddell Primera carta de San Pablo a los Corintios Cantata BWV 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden. Oh, Charles !


Last year, Angélica Liddell created one of the three parts of her Cycle des résurrections, entitled You are my destiny (Le viol de Lucrèce). She now completes this trilogy (which includes Tandy) with a work that is both confession and declaration at the same time.
The show takes the form of a letter addressed to the loved one, a man, over which hovers the guardian shadow of Saint Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians, and which places love above all wealth and knowledge.
The first words we hear in this show are those that Marta Lundberg writes to Tomas Ericsson, the pastor, in Ingmar Bergman’s film, Winter Light. Then comes the letter from the Queen of Calvary to the Great Lover, and with it the loved one rises to divine status, with love and faith becoming one and the same. In some ways, this piece, which defies all definition or rational explanation, is the vindication of a mystic - or mystical - letter. As Angélica Liddell affirms, “the sacred is the only transgression possible since it goes against all reason and reckoning. Poetic creation is, by its very nature, a transgression of all the laws that we should respect in life; it is that tragic space in which God, love and death are reunited.” The stage thus becomes that place of offering, submission and giving away of oneself, pushed to the limits... to the point of madness.