El Conde de Torrefiel La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje


Since 2010, El Conde de Torrefiel has been stirring up audiences across the Iberian peninsula with their abrasive shows orchestrated by the company’s co-founders, Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler. Adept in the art of creating hybrid genres and the representation of the real via different forms - theatre, dance, music, video and narration -, the work of El Conde de Torrefiel enters into a new, perhaps abstract, phase with La possibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje. In this latest work, it is as though the images, bodies and text are not in dialogue with each other, yet their eventual confrontation is all too meaningful. The show take us on a tour of Europe via ten cities, chosen in terms of the images they are likely to conjure up in the imagination: Madrid, Berlin, Marseilles, Lisbon, Kiev, Brussels, Thessaloniki, Warsaw, Lanzarote and Florence. These ten landscapes are inhabited by four performers and an off-stage voice, multiplying the different points of view on today’s Europe and the history it carries with it. The piece traces a horizontal line between map and territory, revealing the barbarism buried deep beneath the beauty and calm of what the naked eye sees - or put differently, our extreme passivity, occulted by the vain pursuits of our everyday lives. Whether they are attributed to anonymous individuals or famous intellectuals and artists, viewed as “cultural fetishes” (Michel Houllebecq, Paul B. Preciado, Spencer Tunick, and Zygmunt Baumant among others), the words that we read or hear invite us to question our own way of looking at things.