Xavier Le Roy Temporary Title, 2015


[Visual Arts / Performance]

Temporary title, 2015 is an exhibition devised with eighteen performers taking it in turns to form and deform groups or assemblies and compose a landscape in a state of perpetual transformation. Naked, piled up, arms and legs tangled up, dispersed, grouped together or alone, they oscillate between  different presences of feline, sculptural, mineral, vegetable world, mechanic and unidentifiable appearance. From time to time, they extract themselves from these compositions in order to come and ask questions to those observing them, thereby further confusing the issue as to our roles, somewhere between subject and object. In this situation, visitors come and go as they please, according to the length of time they accord to their experience.

In parallel with his stage work, Xavier Le Roy develops choreographies for exhibition spaces all over the world. In Temporary Title, 2015, he collaborates with Scarlet Yu, the Hong Kong dancer and choreographer, with whom he had already collaborated during an initial development phase at the Venice Biennale. Inaugurated within the framework of the Kaldor Public Arts Project in Sydney and then recreated for the Centre Pompidou with a new team, this exhibition hinges upon a form of humanity stripped to its bare essentials, reduced to its most basic level of expression. Following on from Low Pieces, presented at the Festival d’Automne in 2012, Temporary Title, 2015 brings together a mysterious community of bodies, pack-like, and which affords us only the slightest of glimpses of slow-moving, brisk and vulnerable beings. Free to move about, audiences invite themselves into a human landscape that never stops recomposing itself.