Fanny de Chaillé Les Grands


What does it mean to be a child, adolescent, or adult? Without demonstrating or judging in any way, Fanny de Chaillé’s latest work mixes three generations together on stage. With a text by Pierre Alferi, the work is a playful, sensitive evocation of self-construction.
In real life, we pass from one age to the next in a seemingly unconscious way. On the Grands stage, three characters grow up before us. From childhood to adult, via adolescence, three ages in life are superimposed on each other. They dialogue with each other, asks questions, enter into conflict and come back to each other once again. What is being an adult all about? How did we get there? With an energy all of her own, Fanny de Chaillé sets up a multitude of situations: the single child or with their adult double, groups of adolescents, the adult in the face of others, or his “mini-self”, or the adolescent who stands up against them. Each expresses their own point of view, or state of mind, whether it be full of hope or otherwise.
On stage as in the text, any relationship based on authority finds no place here. Rather than talking about childhood and learning, Fanny de Chaillé and Pierre Alferi have decided to make them talk for themselves. With its different strata, the stage set, designed by Nadia Lauro, sets up the possibility of interplay between scale and time. Before the audience, children and their empirical relationship to things evolve, as well adolescents and the “slogan-language” with which they address themselves to the outer world. And there are adults too, hovering between the joys of their existence and the weight of responsibility.