Invitation à David Christoffel


David Christoffel, composer, poet and radio producer, offers a unique combination of music, poetry and original sound production, inviting original guests who address the narration and lead it towards polymorphic eloquence.

A voice sounds out. The lyrics rebound, are amplified, and the narrative digresses. Further on, the recorded voice of a prisoner resounds in the speakers, a harsh tension can be heard which the saxophone then takes up as a challenge to amplify, hoping to avoid incisive lyricism. In delayed reaction, the saxophonist Richard Ducros plays Grab It! by Jacob ter Veldhuis, the composition responding to Christian Lauba’s Hard. In between, scores with recorded sound tracks have been reinforcing the fabric as woven: commissioned works by Antonin-Tri Hoang and Alessandro Bosetti pick up the threads of the first works, devising a hybrid effect and ultimately producing the original textures.
The program features not only an unusual choice of works, but an even more unusual way of arranging them together. While David Christoffel’s Tapisseries will engage the art of enunciating thought aligned with musical energy, the works by Laurent Durupt are deliberately removed from any established prosody, and will weave the music into a dialogue quite novel in format.
Jean-Michel Espitallier’s motoric and reflective poetry then reveals the dynamic force of playing as a building exercise. Verbal and instrumental textures are clearly interwoven, providing a recital with seven and more voices capable of unraveling the sensibility of each and every member of the audience.
Running time: 1h30 plus pause