Hideto Iwaï Wareware no moromoro (nos histoires...)


Hideto Iwai, from Japan, transforms the experience of his recluse-like adolescent years into a bitter-sweet onstage encounter. At the invitation of the TG2 - Théâtre de Gennevilliers, and in conjunction with the Festival d’Automne, this is his first show in French. It takes its inspiration from the lives of the participants - professionals and amateurs alike - he encountered in Gennevilliers.

Between the age of sixteen and twenty years old, Hideto Iwai became a “hikikomori”. In Japanese culture, this designates a category of individuals who, suffering from a form of social phobia, never leave the four walls of their home. The theatre opened the door to him, and since then, the actor, script writer and director, now well-known in Japan, has been outlining, in an often humorous way, the traits of similar, unique trajectories engraved in contemporary society. In assisting him with the development of this new work, the T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers has given Hideto Iwai his first opportunity to confront his own experiences with that of French amateurs and professionals. In the course of his various stays in France, Hideto Iwai went out to meet the inhabitants of Gennevilliers, as well as French actors. After listening to the accounts of their lives, he has devised a tailor-made show with them. It deals with with human relationships, love, and child-parent relationships. Tending more towards the poetic than the realistic, his off-the-wall sense of staging was already in evidence in Le hikikomori sort de chez lui, a show which received much critical acclaim during its Parisian run. Here, Hideto Iwai casts a lucid, warm-hearted gaze on a social contract of a different kind, and in doing so, speaks volumes to us about our own culture.
Running time : 2h30
Performed in French