Laetitia Dosch HATE
Tentative de duo avec un cheval


« It is not a dialogue, but two monologues, one for the woman and one for the horse ». In the midst of this unexpected duo, the actress and director Laetitia Dosch, in close collaboration with Judith Zagury and Yuval Rozman, contrasts the darkness of an interior monologue with the beauty of the animal.

Outside of her career as an actress in cinema and in theatre, Laetitia Dosch, carries out research of a very personal, original nature. From her first text Le Bac à sable (‘the sand-pit’), written whilst still a student at the Manufacture de Lausanne, to her most recent show, Un Album, inspired by the the Swiss comic Zouc, this unique young lady takes great pleasure in going off the beaten track. On the last track she took, she met... a horse. In this new show, HATE, the actress performs, naked, soliloquises and dialogues with a horse, a living being in whom she confides in a way which is neither naïve nor void of pudeur. In an attempt to try to understand and come to terms with the chaos of the era we live in, and also to do away with, once and for all, this feeling of power which prompts us towards the destruction of those we deem to be inferior to us, nature and animals alike, she chooses to live with a horse. The relationship she develops with the horse is an egalitarian one, but it is also a relationship with the Other - the partner, the weak one, nature. In short, a respectful relationship. Switching from dainty ditty to hard-hitting rap, from intimate account to political engagement, from time passing to time frozen by the beauty of images, and from joyful soul-searching to violent incomprehension, HATE is also the improbable but altogether possible invention of an intense love story between a woman and a horse. Is such a relation possible - in the absence of any form of human domination, manipulation, or animal savagery? What about love and sharing: can they bring the odd bit of poetry? Come what may, Laetitia Dosch mounts her horse, raises her sword into the air and plunges headlong into this epic quest for utopia.

Estimated running time : 1h15

Unsuitable for audience members under the age of 13 years old