Claudia Triozzi Pour une thèse vivante (vers son geste)
Un CCN en terre et en paille


The objective of this ambitious project from the Italian performance artist and choreographer Claudia Triozzi is to put in action the culmination of research through the construction of an ephemeral place or site. For this purpose, she has set up a base at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, in a space the thinking behind which is that of a stage open to the public for the duration of the process.

In 2011, Claudia Triozzi embarked upon a new cycle of creative work, Pour une these vivante. Bringing together artists, craftsmen and women, and intellectuals, it puts research to the test both in terms of stage and movement practice. Un CCN en terre et en paille is its outcome, an “object-architecture-place” which serves as a manifesto for naming the place which its own practice occupies.
The journey conceived by the choreographer is divided into several parts. Over the course of three weeks, the construction of this centre chorégraphique national (CCN) to be built will involve participation from members of the public in the form of different collectives, each contributing to the mud and straw work. From time to time, the rhythm of life in this collective enterprise will be interspersed with bouts of performance work, followed by three representations of Pour une these vivante. This heterogeneous form, the coming to fruition of eight years of work, brings together movement, interviews, and guests – in addition to a one-off rerun of Rope Dance Translation (1974) by the American choreographer Andy de Groat, who passed away in 2019, and the new work Claudia regarde la danse avec Katalin Ladik.
Through this implicit questioning of the very possibility of passing on creative know-how, Claudia Triozzi plays upon performing arts-related assumptions. Following in the line of how artistic theses are developed, Un CCN en terre et en paille reveals thought via the confrontation of the different materials.