La Ribot  Panoramix


An anthology piece, Panoramix serves as a demonstration of the comical and critique-based might of La Ribot’s meta-performances. It takes a fresh look at the conditions of aesthetical reception and uses it as the basis for ridiculing the forms of the consumed body.

Distinguished pieces, the backbone of Ribot’s repertory of works, inaugurates a show format organised into short vignettes which are numbered and associated in series. Panoramix rearticulates thirty-four pieces devised between 1993 and 2000, without putting them into any chronological order. Focusing, respectively, on lightness, rapidity and visibility, according to a typology inspired by Italo Calvino, they bring to the stage La Ribot activating commonplace, run-of-the-mill domestic objects – an item of clothing, chair, book, tuba, or a mirror – which have been spread across the floor or taped to the walls. Her own body, the common thread underlying the constant, splintered metamorphosis, operates micro-actions. Evolving in an open space in which audience members are free to move around from one viewpoint to the next, they shed a derisive light on the art market and consumerism.
Running time : 3h
Galerie 3 - Niveau mezzanine