Merce Cunningham Rambert Event
Ballet Rambert


The first Merce Cunningham event took place in 1964, and was a means for presenting dance extracts in interaction with other activities carried out live. In order to revive this principle, Ballet Rambert presents a new staging accompanied by the music of Philip Selway from the group Radiohead.

Created in celebration of Ballet Rambert’s long-standing association with Merce Cunningham, the Rambert Event comes under the heading of both homage and new work. The costumes inspired by the German painter, Gerhard Richter’s Cage series make a connection with the designs by Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. The specially commissioned score by Radiohead’s Philip Selway, also behind the music for Split Sides in 2003, is accompanied here by Quinta and Adem Ilhan. This partnership anchors the event firmly in the present, scattering its fiery, sharp onstage movements.
Running time : 1h