Vincent Thomasset Lettres de non-motivation itinérantes


With Lettres de non-motivation itinérantes, Vincent Thomasset explores the notion of the subject and the relationship of the individual to authority and the collective.

Created in 2015, Lettres de non-motivation itinérantes, based on texts by the visual artist Julien Prévieux, puts another exercise into disarray, the job offer reply. Taking the opposite stance in this social ritual, the show summons up a whole army of members of the unwilling workforce. Some take offence, sidestep, or express their powerlessness whilst others, seeing through the ideologies at stake, proclaim their disinterest in the world of the wage-earner. These humorous, quirky letters are presented in a new version in order to reach out to a widest possible audience, extending far beyond that of the theatre.
Running time : 50 min.
As part of its artistic and cultural education programme, th Festival presents Lettres de non-motivation itinérantes in secondary schools