Boris Charmatz La Ronde - Happening Tempête


For the event that the Grand Palais will be celebrating prior to the upcoming renovation work, Boris Charmatz has conjured up a diptych: La Ronde, inspired by the work by Arthur Schnitzler, during the night, followed by a Happening Tempête, during the day. How can we take over the Grand Palais space, this profane cathedral built for the universal exhibition as a « Monument dedicated by the Republic to the glory of French art »?

How can we set about creating interplay between moving bodies within the immensity of this space? For Boris Charmatz, the beauty of the empty Nave at night is unparalleled. Rather putting an empty Grand Palais on display, he has chosen to structure the space starting from one of dance’s essential elements: the twosome. Using the principle of circulation found in La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler, in which couples are recomposed over and over again – each character forming a new duo with the next -, this round dance mixes dancers, actors, singers, musicians, and performers from all different horizons. An exponent of the battle and no stranger to bringing heterogeneous practices into contact with each other, Boris Charmatz looks at the encounter between bodies from the prism of desire and loving exchange. Giving free reign to his imagination, he has conceived this uninterrupted series of duos as a form of handover. In it, he takes a fresh look at some of dance’s most famous couples, extracting duos taken from his own body of work, but also by interlinking unique and unexpected and formations. After a night in the round, the audience is invited to a Happening Tempête in order to bring the event to a close. Following on from a participative warm-up and skill-sharing workshops, a throng of amateurs and professionals will be bringing us a choreographic mass of moving bodies, followed by a fast and furious dancefloor session.