Marcus Lindeen The Invisible Adventure


Through the extraordinary life stories of three people forced to reinvent themselves, Marcus Lindeen invites us on an interior adventure, in which no question is too intimate to be asked. The show brings us on a journey deep inside ourselves, underneath the skin of our faces and into the inner workings or our brains.

Over the course of the last ten years or so, the Swedish theatre and film director Marcus Lindeen has been carrying out work of a unique and hard-hitting nature, the bulk of which makes use of documentary material in order to conjure up sensible, complex and poetical echoes. In The Raft (2018), both a documentary film and an art installation, he studied the potential for violence within a group based on the interactions between individuals left to their own devices for three months on a raft. The spoken, autobiographical word is also the central force at work in The Invisible Adventure, a piece which explores the themes of identity, death and transformation. The performers bring to life three characters that have been forced to reassess the building blocks of their identities. A brain scientist who looses her memories after a stroke, a queer filmmaker who uses art as a form of death ritual to connect with a forgotten queer photographer and the first transplantation patient in the world to receive a new face from a dead man. These three voices come together in this documentary based conversation drama, raising important questions about the stability of our identities.