Lia Rodrigues Exercice M, de mouvement et Maré


In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Free Dance School of Maré, founded by Lia Rodrigues in Rio de Janeiro, its pupils will be dazzling us with a piece which shows several aspects of the Brazilian choreographer's work: Exercice M, de mouvement et Maré.

At the heart of the Maré favela, dance has made a place for itself against all the odds. In 2004, Lia Rodrigues made it the base for the company she founded twenty years earlier, and began offering dance lessons for its inhabitants in partnership with the association Redes de Maré. Seven years later, the utopian dream of being able to offer full-time lessons came to fruition with the opening of an intensive learning structure, Nucleo 2, within the Free dance school of Maré. Whilst not all of its pupils are destined for a career on the stage, today the School trains young citizens wanting to dance, performing works such as May B by Maguy Marin. Exercice M, de mouvement et Maré, a piece created in 2013, brings to the stage the wide range of final-year talents. A series of solos allows them to express themselves via orientations given by Lia Rodrigues, and then opens out onto improvised duos by ten pupils. Following on from this is the choreographer's adaptation for them of Ce dont nous sommes faits, a sculptural and committed work first performed in 2010 and still performed by her company. This show gives us the opportunity to experience once again the foundations of the work of Lia Rodrigues, carried off by a new generation.