Luca Giacomoni Hamlet


Luca Giacomoni’s adaptation of Hamlet turns it into a theatrical and musical score for twelve professional and non-professional actors. The classic play by Shakespeare becomes the stuff of a reflection into our relationship with the real, and the starting point for a theatrical investigation into the invisible.

Composed in the form of a symphony in three movements in which text and music are mixed together, Luca Giacomoni’s Hamlet turns the stage into the laboratory for a living exploration into the very meaning of the theatrical experience. Following on from Illiade (2016) devised in conjunction with the Centre Pénitentiare de Meaux, and Métamorphoses (2020) with the Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis, the piece by Shakespeare is the first major work from western culture that the director has chosen specifically in terms of its theatrical impact. This production sees Luca Giacomoni collaborating with individuals who have had so-called ‘psychotic’ experiences. Hamlet looks into the question of the perception of the real, and the invisible frontiers between the true and the illusory – matter which is inextricably linked to theatrical representation itself, but which this show also tackles, in a literal way, by means of the experiences of some of the performers themselves.