Pascale Murtin Éparpiller


Sunday in the park, and spectators will be able to take a stroll whilst encountering choir groups scattered around the bushes, alleys and lawns. A dispersed concert awaits them, and as they wander around freely, listening to random bursts of song, they will be treated to a poetic experience, both collective and personal, for eyes and ears.

Duos, trios, and quartets and larger choral ensembles will be simultaneously making themselves heard across the park, and spectators will be able to sample them as curiosity guides them from one site to the next. With the different songs resonating across the park, spectators can choose to stay where they are or head off in the direction of whatever catches their eye or ear in the distance. Each journey becomes an improvised one, of a very particular, exclusive and singular nature. This musical stroll around the park is composed by Pascale Murtin – the co-founder, alongside François Hiffler of GRAND MAGASIN – who has composed fifteen of songs specially for the occasion. The environment is an integral part of the concert: the choir singers place themselves in the space according to the sound-based characteristics of each place, and their non-amplified voices are subject to the ins and outs of open-air acoustics. Brief, polyphonic and both simple and sophisticated, evoking the repertory of children’s choirs, these ritornellos are the pretext for acoustic and visual experimentation of the landscape, with all its distances and contours.