Vincent Thomasset Transversari


Vincent Thomasset has bestowed upon his dancer-collaborator Lorenzo De Angelis the task of embodying the figure of man at a standstill. It places movement at the heart of a process of reappropriation of our bodies and our desires, via the incorporation of images which surround us, thereby enabling the individual to overcome them.

At the crossroads between the codes of theatre and dance, Vincent Thomasset observes, on the one hand, our relationship with images – a relationship which is an often unconscious and sometimes addictive one – and on the other hand, man's relation with the dictates of gender attributed to him. The hikikomori, a phenomenon identitified in Japan, builds up a link between these two subject matters. It centers on the psycho-social reality of those individuals, mainly men, who live cut off from the world, sheltered behind their screens, a situation which a profound inadaptation to the standards of masculinity can predispose them to. Lorenzo De Angelis brings us a sensitive exploration of the frontiers which separate the spectator-body from that of the performer-body. He alternates between the onlooker and he or she that we observe as they traverse that which, prior to this, might have traversed them. Through movement, these two body-states take care of and answer each other, reconstituting, in an infinitely delicate manner, the layers of sediment deposited there, to the extent of destitution.