Angélica Liddell Liebestod


The actual title of the play, LiebestodThe smell of blood does not leave my eyesJuan Belmonte sets the scene for a three-part exploration of love, death and art. Angélica Liddell’s show goes much further than simply paying homage to the bullfighter of Triana, she delivers a true profession of theatrical faith.

Liebestod : love death. In Wagner’s opera, the term denotes the death that consumates the love of Tristan and Ysolde, within and beyond their bramble-infested graves. This death is also that of Juan Belmonte, the “celestial matador”, the summit of the spiritual bullfighter. ”You bullfight as you are”, as Belmonte said. “You bullfight as you love“ affirms Angélica Liddell. Preferring, by far, beauty to sense of duty, spirituality to responsibilities, and the arena to society, she concocts for the stage a liturgy in which the mysterious and the sacred reigns supreme. A liturgy that unfurls in the shadow of the black veil, the forerunner of the Wagnerian tragedy. By evoking Cioran, she erects her theatre on the heights of despair. “The only thing you need to have in bullfighting is a death-wish”. To want to die is, perhaps, the only thing you need in order to take to the stage.