Hortense Belhôte Performeureuses

Université Paris Nanterre – Théâtre Bernard-Marie-Koltès


Hortense Belhôte is both an art history teacher and an actress. At the crossroads of these two disciplines, she offers performative lectures that tend to popularize advanced concepts, thought up by academics or minorities, in a playful and documented way, by shaking up cultural hierarchies. Each of her spectacular lectures plays on the pleasure of trapping our own culture with its interstices, in a deliberately feminist, queer and libertarian perspective.

With Performeureuses, Hortense Belhôte revisits the history of performance in contemporary dance by placing it in a global history, outside of cultural institutions, in order to highlight the diverse origins of the performative practices that have marked the 20th century. From the role of women to the place of non-Western practices in the history of dance, she revisits the presuppositions and broadens our view. A talk that is as passionate as it is committed!