Ivana Müller Partituur


Ivana Müller is in the spotlight at Maison des Métallos for this year’s Festival d’Automne, as she invites the audience to rethink the stage environment and the creative process. A collective work built in real time and redesigning the stage space by questioning the boundary between stage and audience, Partituur is an artistic postulate which meets the younger public where they are. The audience, going with the flow, interprets and creates the show all at once.

With Partituur (Dutch for score), Ivana Müller puts forward a participatory play, created by and for young people. Upon her invitation, 12 to 30 children take part in an interactive choreographic game, radically blurring the lines between spectator and actor. Each participant wears a headset where they receive instructions, suggestions, or questions, which they answer by moving around. Little by little, this snowballs into a facetious dance, a choreography, a set of unique individual and collective ideas. Partituur discretely lays the groundwork for a reflection on children's collective imagination. This playful, poetic play gives each participant a chance to rethink their relationship to themselves and others.