Mariano Pensotti Los años


Is it possible to imagine our lives in thirty years now? Is it possible to cast a retrospective gaze on our present? In his latest creation, Mariano Pensotti puts his masterful storytelling skills to use in a piece of theatre in which the future, as uncertain as it may be, is unveils itself as a redeeming fiction.

Buenos Aires, 2020. A young architect makes a documentary about an orphan from one of the poor districts of the city. Buenos Aires, 2050. The film was a success. But did it actually change anything in the life of the young boy? And what has become of the now ageing filmmaker? His daughter was born thirty years ago, has become an actress and wants to do a piece of theatre about the life of her father. The timing is just right: in 2050, the theatres are full because people are fed up with looking at screens, and videos, they are desperate for the performing arts. The scenography of Los años (The Years) enables the characters to circulate freely, within a single space, between different era, and grow older or younger before the audience’s eyes. We witness the different simultaneous metamorphoses of the family, which are also those of a family in search of a future – or who invents one.