Noé Soulier Fragments


Fragments, a film by Noé Soulier explores movement when it is confronted with the framing of the camera lens.  It continues the research on movement that the choreographer has been carrying out since 2010.

The particular spaces that framing sets up, according to its height and dimensions, enables aspects of movement which would otherwise be invisible onstage to be explored. Thus, the spectator is able to gain access to a level of detail, in the articulation of the different parts of the body and in the superposition of the dancers, which cannot exist during an onstage representation due to the single viewpoint which it offers. It is this ability to visually isolate certain parts of the body, laden with multiple affects that Fragments aims to show, both on and off-camera. The piece is a unique exploration of the fragmentary dimension of the body and what it is capable of evoking.