Talents Adami Théâtre
Émilie Rousset et Louise Hémon Rituel 5 : La Mort


Now it is the turn of Émilie Rousset and Louise Hémon to work with eight young performers as part of the Talents Adami Théâtre scheme, hosted for the tenth year running at the Atelier de Paris. With their habitual brand of humour, they dissect beliefs and representations linked to death, rituals and funeral-related practices.

In their Rituels series, they work together, using the real as the basis for their theatrical investigations, to create shows and films that explore the utilisation and rules of symbolic events in our society. In Rituel 5 : La Mort they go out and meet individuals specialising in the death industry : a female coffin designer, a make-up artist for corpses, the female director of a school for undertakers, a specialist working in the field of QR codes for gravestones, and the developer of an application which enables people to communicate with the deceased loved ones. In the company of the young actors and actresses, they share the methodology of their writing, based on collection and collage. Onstage, this documentary material is reinterpreted and reworked in successive layers, thereby going beyond the framework of the real in order to create interplay with the codes of genre-based cinema. Theatre and film coexist in order to create interference between onstage and filmic presence, recreated life and documented life, the dead and the living-dead.