Tiago Rodrigues Dans la mesure de l’impossible


With each new piece, Tiago Rodrigues invents a tentative link between heritage and horizon. Accordingly, the practice of theatre that he has forged over the years is firmly rooted in the present but also bears the stamp of tragical inheritance. Using real-life accounts, here he investigates the everyday lives of humanitarian workers, in a work underpinned by a profound reflection into the different theatres of the world.

The universe that the text by Tiago Rodrigues brings forth, in support of the unsung heroes of the NGO world, is a potent one indeed: a vibrant quartet of actors and actresses, a virtuoso percussionist who performs live onstage, giving voice to the unsaid, and a large tent which gradually takes shape, evoking a fragile, yet potent form of resistance. In a discreet manner, the artist puts in perspective the standpoint of those who witness horrors on a daily basis, and who are forced to make unbearable decisions. Intertwining confessions and testimonies in an “impossible” landscape, fraught with difficulties, he depicts a perception of the world in which we observe lives torn between invigorating smiles and abyssal despair. The sparse staging and the deconstruction of the collective imagination reinforce the driving force of the piece. In the work of Tiago Rodrigues, the entry strata are always multiple, humble and complex all at the same time. In this latest piece, retracing the various collective disasters through voice, music and body endows this intimate project with a universal scope.