Alex Baczynski-Jenkins Untitled (Holding Horizon)


Untitled (Holding Horizon) is an invocation, both present and timeless, of gestures, encounters and affections of a queer commons. This choreography continues Alex Baczyński-Jenkins’ engagement with structures and politics of desire. 

Through sensual, alienated movements, and the box step –a step used in several social dances–, synchronization, pleasure and alliance coexist with disorientation, limitation and loss. The performers glimmer in monochrome lights, spiraling through space and time in the swing of a dance. Here, the box step is a vessel for intimacies to surface, and for the limit as material. A subtle choreography of desire emerges through the shifting dynamics of relations, self-enactment and interdependence, exploring contact in its physical and emotional dimensions. Negotiating with the variations of light and sound mixed live, the repetitions and perpetual returns, produce evolving perceptions and associations: a memory of a rave, a ghostly gathering, a celebration and mourning, a militant congregation, a pastoral fantasy.This 3-hour piece relies on a durational experience. The audience will be able to enter and leave the space throughout the performance as they wish.