Kate McIntosh Lake Life


In Lake Life, the performer Kate McIntosh, from New Zealand, turns her attention, for the first time, to the youngest sections of society via a surprising, interactive stage mechanism in which children, adolescents, adolescents and adults play together. They invent different modes of relating to each other, and collectively imagine the contours of a new world.

How much can we change? To what extent do we interact with others and the world around us? Kate McIntosh replies to these very topical questions by a show in the form of a game. In collaboration with the scenographer Nadia Lauro, we are invited to explore imaginary spaces, and to celebrate. Moving on from dance to performance, the Brussels-based performer, originally from New Zealand, has been developing a highly original, transdisciplinary practice which blurs the frontiers between stage and audience. In Lake Life, she turns her attention, for the very first time, to a mixed audience from all different generations, via an immersive and sensorial piece which unfurls a dream-like landscape before us. This landscape enables the audience to explore, in a physical way, questions such as transformation, self-perception and confusion with others. In this post-epidemic context, in which sharing, contact with strangers and trust, have been severely put to the test, the artist invites us to play together, and to create something in common. We are encouraged to go beyond our various assignations and prejudices, and to imagine the rules of a new world.