Lucinda Childs x 100


A strong relationship has been built up between the Conservatoire de Paris and American dance, a new chapter in which will be written in this celebration of the work of Lucinda Childs, a major figure in post modern dance. The New York-based choreographer will be passing on to a hundred students from the CNSMDP several of her pieces, each with its with own multiple energies.

In 2018, Cédric Andrieux took up his post as Director of Choreographic Studies at the Paris-based Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse. A performer in Merce Cunningham’s company for over a decade, in 2019 he instigated a choreographic event for the centenary of this contemporary ballet pioneer involving one hundred students from the Conservatoire. After paying homage to Trisha Brown in 2021, he furthers the cycle dedicated to major American dance figures with that of Lucinda Childs, whose turn it will now be to work in conjunction with one hundred students from the CNSMDP. The choreography set to the Concerto for harpsichord and string orchestra op. 40 by Henryk Górecki, created in 1993, with all its contrasts, wrath and rebel energies, will encounter a selection of short pieces by Lucinda Childs from the 1970’s. In addition, there will also be a piece from 1989 that the American choreographer had specially devised for the CNSMDP students, set to the music of Terry Riley, in which this precursor of so-called "minimalist" music links structural sensibility with spiritual resources.