Rodrigo Garcia 4


Rodrigo García likes representing towns and cities as well as those that inhabit them. Man’s imprint on the city, thus, but also how man is transformed by the city. He looks at these urban spaces and the difficulties they have have of being a human space, occasionally swallowing up those lured into its snare. Think back to Jardinage humain (2003) and to the actress’s statufied body, covered in cement and pieces of broken glass, resembling a boundary wall. In the words of the show, “Pruning trees makes them stronger but doing the same thing with men and women doesn’t necessarily have the same effects”. In his latest creation, Rodrigo García invites us to join him for a spot of urban gardening. Like Rem Koolhaas and his reflections on the breathtakingly modern junkspaces, he investigates the modern city, spaces which man shapes, and is shaped by, in equal measure. What interests García most are the lizards, cracks, play areas, and other would-be free spaces, those chinks in the wall through which instinct and savagery rear their heads. Four actors embark on this adventure: Núria Lloansi, Juan Loriente, Gonzalo Cunill and Juan Navarro, 4 human beings in search of humanity.