La Ribot Another Distinguée


Characterised by an economy of means, and an underlying darkness conducive to transgression, Another Distinguée is the most recent of the different series which make up Distinguished Pieces. It provides us with a critique of the economy of “sacrificed” bodies in the contemporary world.

Another Distinguée, the fifth and most recent series of Distinguished Pieces to date, dedicated to the art of beginning, takes place in a space plunged in to darkness. A “black cube” which renders our vision opaque, diffusing the different presences. In this shadow-theatre environment, the three performers work and update a fugitive memory, a web of fleeting images and provisory identities. In nylon or lycra bodysuits, naked or hooded, they put their sacrificed, mutilated, exalted bodies to the test during this shadowy and painstakingly orchestrated orgy.
Running time : 1h20