Marion Siéfert _jeanne_dark_


_jeanne_dark_, is the Instagram pseudo that Jeanne has chosen for herself, a sixteen year old adolescent from a Catholic family who lives in a residential suburb of Orléans. For the last few months, she has been the subject of taunts from her friends on the subject of her virginity. One evening, alone in her bedroom, she decides to break her silence and speaks out on Instagram.

In this piece, Marion Siéfert creates a dual-show: for the theatre and for Instagram. Looking into this mirror which her smartphone offers her, Jeanne breaks free of her silence, talks of herself and regains control over her image. Her words, timid and full of shame at the beginning, soon transform into a fast-paced outpouring in which she places herself centre-stage, recreates situations that she has gone through, and embodies, one by one, the individuals which make up her world. Under the watchful gaze of her followers, Jeanne films, reinvents, experiences and confounds herself. As she guides us along this waltz of characters, masks, and Instagram filters, a very different Jeanne comes into existence before our eyes, a Jeanne who gives free reign to her fantasies, an adolescent who, shut away in her bedroom, shatters her identity into tiny pieces and transforms herself. This virtuoso performance is carried off by Helena de Laurens, with whom Marion Siéfert had already collaborated, in Le Grand Sommeil, presented at the Festival in 2018. Onstage, in a set designed by Nadia Lauro, it is Jeanne who makes the film of this adolescent, projected, live, onto two screens which frame the stage. As the same person who films and is filmed, via the camera on her telephone, she creates this very different, iconic and fantastical body, and brings to life a character full of sound and fury.