Nicolas Liautard / Magalie Nadaud Pangolarium


How can we unravel fiction from reality? What are the foundations for reinventing society? These important issues raised by the younger generations are at the heart of this show for younger audiences. In this epic poem about a child in search of free-thinking spirit, science fiction and pop culture are brought together to thought-provoking effect

The body of Murphy, aged twelve, is covered in scales. Her appearance, similar to the pangolin, an endangered species found in Africa and Asia, separates her from the world. She has been brought up by her father high up in a block of flats, and never goes out. Screens are her only source of knowledge about the outside world, though she still does not have the means to distinguish fiction from reality. One day, the disappearance of her father prompts to go beyond the front door of her flat for the first time. She sets off in search of “The colony”, a free-thinking community which is the subject of a series of which she is an avid viewer, and that she takes for reality. As Murphy’s epic poem evolves, several different threads come into existence before finally converging. In a staging which leaves ample space for the spectacular and the fantastical, the utopian theories of Charles Fourier make inroads into the questions of bio-ethics and society. What emerges is a generation in search of meaning, at odds with traditional models of society. The richness of this story takes younger audiences on a thought-provoking journey of the imagination.