Animal Architecte BANDES


Who are our dead friends? Camille Dagen and Emma Depoid ask themselves this question, in a hybrid, lively, palimpsest-like show. From the standpoint of their own generation, they question the passage of time by convoking groups or gangs of friends – 'bandes' – from the past, as well as their collective dreams, and what remains of them.

Lipstick traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century was what started the whole project off. Greil Marcus's writing examines groups which shared a radical view of the world around them, an artistic and subversive inventiveness and a burning desire to turn pavements into dance-floors. The team of ten artists behind BANDES, consisting of five actors and five technical creators, traverse these stories of groups which come together, share a collective vibe – and then break up. At what point does it all change? When is friendship alone no longer enough? Their writing, made up of palindromes, delves into the performing arts and archives alike, and brings an apocalyptic Sex Pistols concert into contact with a contemporary dispute and an encounter with a former young Lettrist. It finds its resonance on a stage which is always in movement, just as our memories are, those of our bodies and of our cities, the hidden conveyors of the traces of the past. BANDES acknowledges, in a subtle way, those moments which are hark back to times gone by, and which change our lives.