Cristina Moura Ägô


By means of her body, movements and words, Cristina Moura invites us to think about the question of identity. Using our gaze on her body as the starting part, and making her voice mixed with those of others heard, Ägô turns the stage into a space in which interaction can take place. In it, she questions in a humorous way, her own life history and that of her country.

A woman, alone onstage, presents herself to us as she dances, and begins to speak, in her own name. What exactly is the black body? Does such a thing exist? Over the course of an hour, the show explores this question by working through a repertoire of gestures, images and movements, moving from the ritual to the everyday. Combing experiences, memories and anxieties from her own life as an artist with problems linked to the current state of affairs in her own country and the world, Cristina Moura turns Ägô into a game of risks and experimentation. A major figure on the Brazilian scene, Cristina Moura – whom Lia Rodrigues presented the first solo in 2003 as part of her Panorama festival – has danced in numerous companies, in Brazil and in Europe, and has been developing her own projects for the last twenty years. In the words of the choreographer, “Ägô evokes the memory and imagination of a body, a dancing body, which is Brazilian, female, and black. A body of a contemporary creator that focusses on the questions of our time.”