Mapa Teatro La Lune est en Amazonie


By contrasting the voluntary isolation of Amazonian peoples whose survival is threatened by aggressive globalisation and that of the forced isolation of populations made vulnerable by a global pandemic, Rolf and Heidi Abderhalden complete the poetic and theatrical cartography they have been drawing up over the course of the last thirty years, show after show.

March 2020. Mapa Teatro is busy developing its new piece, dedicated to groups of humans who have been in voluntary isolation in the Colombian Amazon for more than a century. But the pandemic does not spare the country and a strict form of confinement is imposed, forcing the company to interrupt its work. One year later, and the confinement has become an experience of vast proportions giving rise to a poetical-political reflection: how do these forces of isolation affect our bodies? And how has this experience modified our perception of these isolated communities that now find themselves in an even more vulnerable position, their low-key existences and the permanent risk of extinction with which they are faced? After dedicating several years to an Anatomy of Violence in Colombia, composed of a theatrical trilogy and a series of installations, in La Lune est en Amazonie, Rolf and Heidi Abderhalden cast light upon violence of the ideological and ecological kind, thereby continuing to use their work as a means of resistance and creation.