Talents Adami Théâtre
Pascal Rambert 8 ensemble


The Talents Adami Théâtre initiative gives carte blanche to the ever-inventive author and director, Pascal Rambert, to create a show with young actors. It recounts, in all their diversity, their respective eight, sinuous, life-enhancing journeys in life, in addition to what they have to say, together.

Above all, what Pascal Rambert likes is people, and to take the time to meet them, listen to them and discuss with them. For this new project, he asks each actor and actress to present themselves, and to reply to the following question: “how do you see yourself in 2051?. He takes an interest in their parents, daily lives, and the moment they first discovered the theatre. The text, or score for 8 ensemble that Pascal Rambert has written is both for them and from them. It retraces their lives in a non-stereotypical way, following their ins and outs, adversities, and different energies. The text advances through associations, marks out different paths, and unfurls the elements of the imaginary and the poetic contained within them. He invites the performers to share in his way of working, his attachment to the body and the spoken word. In the absence of any decor, or costumes, and in a theatre painted white with lighting worthy of a football stadium, he reveals and exposes the voices and bodies of these youngsters at the beginning of their professional lives.