El Conde de Torrefiel Una imagen interior


In this latest piece by El Conde de Torrefiel, the onstage protagonists exist within the framework of an ever-changing, malleable scenography. The latter is in keeping with the unstable reality it seeks to bear witness to. A response to the formatted images which assail us, the piece plunges us into the heart of the imagination. 

Five actors and actresses inhabit a cavern entirely made of plastic. This natural feature is turned into something artificial, or false, comprised of an array of different elements, and can be constantly modified. It prompts us to ask ourselves questions about the meaning of the word reality, in relation to “humanity and its tendency to want to break free from nature”. Indeed, reality is not as solid, stable and unalterable as we expect. It is neither “made of stone, nor is it as dense as an ocean. It is neither mountain, nor volcano”. On the contrary, it is liable to transform itself or shatter at any moment, in the face of a war, a pandemic, or a natural catastrophe. At the rear of this plastic cavern, similar to that of Plato, the real and the fictional battle it out. Una imagen interior (An Interior Image) recounts a falling down, but not of the kind which is governed by the unquestionable laws of gravity. This piece is about a descent into the heart of an imaginary image, which is both fragile and threatening at the same time