Ivana Müller Forces de la nature


Ivana Müller’s show, which is part of Maison des Métallos’ CoOP, is a reflection on group dynamics. On the stage, five individuals seek to build a common score, connected by strings which keep them together while forcing them to explore the distance between them.

Forces of nature follows the movement of a complex, articulate organism with different energies and ideas. In addition to these divergences, the five members of the group are united towards a common goal: building a shared physical and imaginary space. They move as they negotiate, and the play becomes a journey through a constantly changing landscape, and the creative process is there for spectators to witness. Le score writes itself, despite “forces of nature” surrounding the performers’ bodies and imaginations, forcing them to cope. At the end of the day, the play is a reflection on what is “common”: interdependence, the relevance of individual and collective choices, effort, the need for action.