Matthieu Bareyre Pièce d’actualité n°18
Le Journal d’une femme nwar

[Visual arts]

Rose, 29 years of age, has one goal : leaving France and “going back to Noirie” [Blackland]. When Matthieu Bareyre, one of her closest friends, proposes to make a film with her inspired by her diary, they see it as the perfect opportunity to deal with some old demons of hers...

In April of 2016, Matthieu Bareyre and Rose-Marie Ayoko Folly met on a Parisian place. Back then, Bareyre was shooting L’Époque, his first full-length documentary, with Ayoko Folly playing the central role. Answering La Commune CDN d’Aubervilliers’ invitation to create a play set in present times, Bareyre painted a picture of the young woman, now his friend. The starting point for the movie is Rose’s diaries, which Bareyre read with her consent. Then, the movie attempts to reconcile opposing artistic media: journals vs. conversation; voiceover vs. silent film; direct cinema vs. musical poetry; Scope vs. iPhone. In this endeavor, the movie takes a critical look at modern-day France through the lens of a friendship between a Black woman and a white man.