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Boris Charmatz

Boris Charmatz

La Danseuse malade


    • Théâtre de la Ville
      November 12 to November 15
    A contemporary and ephemeral receptacle for an artist who was able to conceive depressed bodies, empty bodies, the smells of young and old'. That's how Boris Charmatz describes the powerful tribute that he and French actress Jeanne Balibar are paying to Japanese choreographer Tatsumi Hijikata, founder of the dance performance art known as Butoh

    La Danseuse malade

    Choreography, Boris Charmatz
    Performed by, Jeanne Balibar, Boris Charmatz
    Texts, Tatsumi Hijikata
    Translation, Patrick Devos
    Lighting, Yves Godin
    Set design, Alexandre Diaz/Artefact
    Technical direction, Frédéric Vannieuwenhuyse
    Set construction, Artefact
    Sound, Olivier Renouf
    Dog trainer, Jean-Philippe Varin, Jacana wildlife studio

    Produced by edna
    Co-produced by: Théatre de la Ville-Paris; de Singel/Antwerp; the Festival d'Automne à Paris; Centre National de Danse Contemporaine d'Angers ; Nouveau Théatre d'Angers, centre dramatique national des pays de Loire, in the framework of their dance/theater residencies
    With the support of ADC Geneva; the Dampfzentrale of Bern; the Gessneralle in Zürich; Vienna's Tanzquartier and CultureFrance
    The edna association is subsidized by the Ministry of culture and communication/the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Ile de France, within the context of assisting certified choreography companies
    Accompanied by Adami