CocoRosie / Robert Wilson

Peter Pan

Archive 2013

Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie
Direction, Robert Wilson
Music, CocoRosie
Set, Light,  Robert Wilson
Costumes, Jacques Reynaud
Collaboration for the Direction, Ann-Christin Rommen
Dramaturgy, Jutta Ferbers, Dietmar Böck
Set Collaboration, Serge von Arx
Costume Collaboration, Yashi Tabassomi
Direction musicale, Stefan Rager, Hans-Jörn Brandenburg
Musical Arrangements, Doug Wieselman
Lighte, Ulrich Eh
German translation, Erich Kästner
With Antonia Bill, Ulrich Brandhoff, Claudia Burckhardt, Sierra Casady, Anke Engelsmann, Winfried Goos, Anna Graenzer, Johanna Griebel, Traute Hoess, Boris Jacoby, Andy Klinger, Stefan Kurt, Stephan Schäfer, Marko Schmidt, Martin Schneider, Sabin Tambrea, Jörg Thieme, Felix Tittel, Georgios Tsivanoglou, Axel Werner, et les enfants Lisa Genze, Lana Marti, Mia Walz
Musicians, « The Dark Angels » Florian Bergmann (wood), Hans-Jörn Brandenburg (Keyboards), Cristian Carvacho (percussion, charanga), Dieter Fischer (trombone, banjo), Jihye Han (viola), Andreas Henze (bass), Stefan Rager (drums), Ernesto Villalobos (flutes), Joe Bauer (sound effect)


Production Berliner Ensemble // Corealisation Théâtre de la Ville-Paris ; Festival d’Automne à Paris // With the support of Pierre Bergé // With the support of agnès b. // Premiered the 17 of April 2013 at Berliner Ensemble (Berlin)
Partnership with France Inter

Robert Wilson stages Peter Pan as a musical tale for adults, where humor is mixed with fear. He adapts Erich Kästner’s version of James Barrie’s story, where Peter Pan appears more like a David Bowie type than like a chubby little boy. With songs and music by CocoRosie, the Berliner Ensemble inhabits Neverland with perceptible delight, creating a truly unforgettable performance.

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