Bruno Beltrão Inoah


With his company Grupo de Rua, based in Rio de Janeiro, Bruno Beltrão has been developing, since the 1990’s, choreographic work of a rigorous, jubilant nature using urban dance as its departure point. His latest work, Inoah, sees him once again transposing the techniques of street dance for the stage.

Onstage, we might see the top of a head anchored in the ground, a forwards sprint going backwards, or the vertical axis of a bust extending horizontally. In the work of Bruno Beltrão, the various inversions and diversions applied to the onstage bodies could be seen as attempts at countering the normalising forces at work in our systems of thought. His work has given rise to some of the most astonishing experiments in the choreographic field in the last fifteen years. It is characterised by a passionate, subtle deconstruction of the codes of hip-hop dance, which the artist continues to enhance and investigate. In Inoah, his latest creation, ten dancers entice us with a fascinating choreographic composition made up of convergences and explosions in the space, on the border between the gentle and the menacing. Beyond its breathtaking virtuosity, Inoah translates the ambivalent nature of relationships between individuals.
Running time : 50 min.