tg STAN Après la répétition


With three shows, Infidèles, Après la répétition and Atelier, tg STAN once again take to the stage with their customary mixture of humour and sharp wit, investigating the frontiers between art and life. Onstage, human beings love, lose and find each other once again. Set against this is the constant backdrop of the art of the actor and the very practice of theatre as an object of reflection and representation.

Fervent admirers of Bergman, this production sees tg STAN revisiting the Swedish master’s famous television film : Après la répétition (After the Rehearsal). Onstage, Henrik Vogler, a theatre director is getting ready to direct August Strindberg’s A Dream Play for the fifth time. Opposite him is Anna Egermann, the fiery actress who is the heroine of the play he is preparing. A ghostly presence hangs over them, that of Rakel, the young girl’s deceased mother, who played the very same role in one of Vogler’s past productions of the same piece many years ago. Amidst the director’s reminiscences   and the questions Anna poses him about her role, a strange game of seduction emerges from out of this strained, huis-clos setting. Above all, however, After the Rehearsal is a play about theatre: what does it mean to act? What is a role? What happens after the rehearsals: is it all still theatre? The collective tirelessly plays on the frontier between real and fiction. Using Bergman’s work, they give us an insight into what lies behind the scenes of artistic creation.
Running time:1h15