de Roovers Infidèles


With three shows, Infidèles, Après la répétition and Atelier, tg STAN once again take to the stage with their customary mixture of humour and sharp wit, investigating the frontiers between art and life. Onstage, human beings love, lose and find each other once again. Set against this is the constant backdrop of the art of the actor and the very practice of theatre as an object of reflection and representation.

With Infidèles, tg STAN prolongs its incursion into the work of Bergman. Taken from one of his film scenarios, Infidèles (Faithless), penned in 1996, in which the film-maker puts himself centre-stage, the piece is also mixed with passages from Laterna Magica, Bergman’s autobiography. We are presented with two texts written by an aging yet lucid artist, capable of casting a retrospective gaze on his life. Onstage, the character of Marianne is the principal voice. An actress, she recounts and reminisces, interrupting the dead end monologue of a lone writer in search of inspiration, named Bergman. With this new piece, tg STAN, accompanied by Robby Cleiren, from the De Roovers collective pays homage to the Swedish film-maker, and looks deep into his life and soul. Whilst Infidèles has a strong autobiographical dimension, the piece also throws light upon Bergman’s art of observation, his capacity to dissect the most intimate of human relations and to talk about our feelings, on the border between love and hate.
Estimated running time: 2h