Ana Jotta

Une chambre en ville A comme encre

Archive 2022
Visual arts

Curator, Clément Dirié

Produced by the Festival d’Automne à Paris, in collaboration with the Cité internationale des arts and the Immanence center for the arts

With support from the Gulbenkian Foundation’s Delegation to France
With support from Sylvie Winckler

This event is part of the 2022 France-Portugal Season
With support of LVMH, 
member of the Sponsors Committee of the 2022 France-Portugal Season

With Une chambre en ville (A Room in Town), Ana Jotta occupies a Parisian apartment located in the Cité internationale des arts, an artists’ residence in the heart of Paris, in which she offers a surprising and personal work. As a counterpoint, a retrospective exhibition of her varied printed matter work highlights her creative take on and lucid critique of 20th- and 21st-century aesthetics through her versatile practice.

Born in 1946 in Lisbon (Portugal), where she lives and works, Ana Jotta’s output is one of the most singular art practices of the European art scene in recent decades. Appropriating and giving new life to the objects, images, writings, and inventions of others, whether artists or amateurs, she questions the notions of discipline and originality. Her practice explores all artistic mediums: painting, sculpture, installation, audio, photography, as well as the so-called minor arts (sewing, embroidery, ceramics). Her work frees itself from any identifiable style, rejecting the very notion of signature, with a biting irony and an intelligent use of space and assemblage. For the Festival d'Automne à Paris, Ana Jotta revisits the flat put at her disposal at the Cité internationale des arts by installing and arranging existing works and the discoveries of her summer’s trawls through the streets of Paris. When the exhibition opens, the artist disappears and lets the magic of a "room in town" operate, allowing the public to immerse themself in its singular and subtle universe, in the ironic and melancholic atmosphere teeming with details and surprises. In parallel, the exhibition A comme encre—which could be translated as A is for Ink—presents her printed matter practice (artist's books, posters, invitation cards, "footnotes," etc.) at the Immanence art center. This exhibition offers keys to understanding her work, and gives an account of the creativity of an artist who is in many ways very close to French culture.