Gérald Kurdian X ! (un opéra fantastique)


Gérald Kurdian, an activist and performer straddling disciplines, designed a one-of-a-kind artistic product: a musical, poetic, and political fable, a solo opera, with artificial intelligence inventing alternative mythology for bodies deprived of it. 

Gérald Kurdian’s new work cements their reputation as a highly versatile sound and visual artist. It was difficult to put words on their previous creations, and it still is: in this self-fiction, halfway between a diary and an epic journey, between a documentary and 3D décor, they are at the center of the equation. The character, straight out of a queer club, lugs along a symbolic sword and a deep-rooted scar in an open world reminiscent of a heroic fantasy game. In this journey, they explore the digital memory of a computer, powered by male-chauvinistic Wagnerian opera, and the hope for an ecofeminist future, freed from the constraints of capitalism, recognizing the importance of intimacy and embracing each person’s inherent vulnerability. This initiatory journey is Gérald’s very own path to freedom from their fantasized version of themselves: X ! (un opéra fantastique) Is both an individual and collective mending act, a picture of marginalized activist spaces presented as a manifesto for a revolution of sensitivity.