Jaha Koo

Haribo Kimchi

Théâtre de la Bastille
decemberdec 9 – 14

French premiere


In Korean, with French surtitles

Prices € 8 to € 26
Subscribers € 8 to € 19

Théâtre de la Bastille

Monday december 9


Tuesday december 10


Wednesday december 11


Friday december 13


Saturday december 14


Concept, text, direction, music, sound & video Jaha Koo. Performance Gona, Seri, Haribo, Jaha Koo. Dramaturgy Dries Douibi. Scenography & media operation Eunkyung Jeong. Artistic advice Pol Heyvaert. Technical coordination Korneel Coessens. Technique Bart Huybrechts & Babette Poncelet. Cuckoo hacking Idella Craddock. Production coordination Wim Clapdorp.

Production CAMPO
Coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) ; Le Rideau (Brussels) ; Theater Utrecht ; SPRING Performing Arts Festival (Utrecht) ; Théâtre de la Bastille ; Tangente St. Pölten – Festival für Gegenwartskultur ; & Espoo Theatre ; International Sommerfestival-Kampnagel (Hambourg) ; Sophiensæle (Berlin) ; MeetYou (Valladolid) ; Bunker (Ljubljana), National Theater & Concert Hall (Taipei) ; The Divine Comedy International Theater Festival – Teatr Łaźnia Nowa (Krakow) ; Perpodium (Antwerp) ; Festival d’Automne à Paris
With the support of the taxshelter of the Belgian Federal Government via Cronos Invest & the Flemish Government 
The prototype of the eel was developed as part of Innovation:Lab's funnel in co-production with Theater Utrecht and creative technologists Adriaan Wormgoor & Willem Vooijs. 

The Théâtre de la Bastille and the Festival d'Automne à Paris are co-producers and present this show as a co-realisation.

Haribo Kimchi, a hybrid performance combining text, music, video and robotics, embraces South Korean cuisine as part of an investigation into cultural assimilation, together with its conflicts and paradoxes. It enables Jaha Koo to ask questions first raised in his Hamartia trilogy.

With its floating aromas of a steamy simmering soup, the crisp, precise sound of a knife quickly slicing onions, and the sizzling of mushrooms on a hot-plate, Haribo Kimchi sets the scene of a pojangmacha, a typical street-food stall found across the streets of South Korea, and landmark for night owls of all kinds. Those we meet here fit into a particular profile: an eel, a snail and a rice cooker. They become our guides on a culinary journey, in which food culture is assimilated to a language, thereby revealing the structure of a society. By means of absurd and touching anecdotes, they recount the diaspora of kimchi culture, the tradition of fermenting vegetables of which Korea is so proud, but also cannibalism during the great famine, the bitter pain of racism and the deep umami taste of home. In this unique show, South Korean director and composer Jaha Koo plays with all of the audience's senses, and profoundly alters our perception of food.